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Paul Poirier

Meet Paul

Paul Poirier is an Olympic ice dancer, with none other than Piper Gilles as his partner. They are the current Canadian champions and reigning world bronze medallists. Together they have competed at 8 world championships and the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and are now aiming for the podium at the next Winter Games in 2022. Known for originality and innovative choreography, Piper and Paul have created many iconic programs over their ten-year partnership and are the inventors of the Maple Leaf March, a new pattern dance for the international competitive circuit.

Outside of skating, Paul dabbles in linguistics research and can usually be found loitering at a coffee shop, making food, or eating.

Get to know them

  1. What is a goal you’re working on?
    I will win a medal at the Olympics next year (gotta start manifesting). 
  2. What is a book you read that made an impact on you?
    Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson. Just a very different way of using language. 
  3. What is one thing that everyone should experience in your city?
    All the small restaurants in strip malls in Scarborough. So. Much. Good. Food. 
  4. What’s your favourite way to sweat?
    My favourite way to sweat will always be ice dancing. No matter the rink or how cold it is, there is so much joy in gliding and using your body to express yourself. 
  5. Song you never get sick of listening to?
    This Must Be the Place by Talking Heads. 
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