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Dawn Richardson Wilson

Meet Dawn

Dawn’s journey into bobsleigh began when her lifelong friend, Dean Walls, drew her attention to an open recruitment camp for bobsleigh in Edmonton.

Coming from a varied sports background—rugby, track and field and ultimate frisbee—bobsleigh was an entirely new direction for her. To her surprise, it had very similar properties (teamwork, strength training, technicality, and speed) to other sports she loved.

Dawn is well on her way to chasing her Olympic dreams in bobsleigh, after securing a spot on the Senior Bobsleigh Team. While her main focus is on the sport, she is also currently working towards a major in Sociology with a Criminology Stream and Psychology Minor. Her ultimate goal when her sporting days are behind her is to be a part of the RCMP.

Get to know them

  1. What is a goal you’re working on?
     I will do my part to ensure the Canadian Bobsleigh Team pushes and outperforms the field. 
  2. What is a book you read that made an impact on you?
     Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen. This book taught me how to improve communication in all aspects of my life and communicate effectively when the discussion seems problematic. 
  3. What is one thing that everyone should experience in your city?
     A trip to Edmonton isn't complete without taking a walk through the legislature grounds and crossing over the Walterdale Bridge into the active University of Alberta campus and grabbing a bite on Whyte Ave. Those are the places where the city comes to life, night or day. 
  4. What’s your favourite way to sweat?
     Zumba class, indoor or outdoor. I find that it is an excellent way to step out of your comfort zone and meet new individuals who are most likely trying to do the same.  
  5. Song you never get sick of listening to?
     Bring The Whole Hood by Evvie Mckinney. 
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